Showcasing Innovation and Tradition at Food Expo Greece 2024


Our participation in Food Expo Greece 2024 was an incredible experience, filled with great success and teamwork alongside Pescanova, Omega, and Kriton Paradosi. This year’s event was a unique success story, drawing in an impressive number of 34,931 visitors, including 3,500 international food traders, 1,000 of whom were part of the Hosted Buyers program. Over three days, 1,300 Greek and international exhibitors showcased over 50,000 high-quality food and beverage products, emphasizing the richness and diversity of what our sector has to offer. Our skill in bringing each brand’s unique story to life was on full display, blending innovation with tradition seamlessly. Thanks to our collective efforts, every brand’s booth attracted numerous visitors, garnering praise for their uniqueness and attractiveness. This event not only solidified our partnerships but also elevated the standard for creativity and quality in our industry.


Watch the Event Video HERE